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Bohemian Wedding offer


Let yourself be tempted by a wedding in the spirit of the times, with inevitable bohemian accents. In addition to a tasty gourmet cuisine, a unique decor will combine to create an exceptional day. A color palette that oscillates between shades of amber, beige and skin tones, in authentic natural materials that create a true boho atmosphere. From enameled stoneware plates to crystalware glasses, everything has been designed to project you into an exclusive atmosphere.

Romantic Wedding offer


For fans of timeless elegance, Lenôtre has created the Romantic Wedding. An evening sprinkled with blue accents, a touch of gold and a gourmet and contemporary gastronomic cuisine for a timeless evening. This offer has been designed to delight each of your guests, to let them enjoy a unique emotion with you, a magical experience.

Signature Wedding offer


For the most beautiful day of your life, discover an absolutely unforgettable high-end offer. In a shimmering decor with golden reflections, contemporary lines and an atmosphere of unparalleled poetry, sit down to enjoy an exclusive menu: when lobster rhymes with caviar, when smiles appear at the sight of the infinitely delicate “pièce montée”, when the details blend in a subtle ballet… the moment is perfect.

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