Pré Catelan

The Countryside in Paris


The Pré Catelan welcomes your private or professional receptions in the tradition of the Art of Entertaining according to Lenôtre.

This exceptional place will accompany you during all your important moments thanks to its teams’ expertise, listening and the know-how.

2000 sq.m. in an exceptional pavilion nestled in the heart of a green setting in the Bois de Boulogne.

It offers 12 air-conditioned reception rooms in the heart of a natural setting.

All of them are bathed in natural light, are modular and can accommodate from 2 to 500 people.

Discover the Pré Catelan

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Salon Les Honneurs


A magnificent high ceiling, huge bay windows and chandeliers with pendants make the Les Honneurs reception room a majestic and refined space. Decorated by Pierre-Yves Rochon in contemporary ecru and taupe patinas, the architect was able to preserve the historic charm and soul of the place. The Salon Les Honneurs can host the most grandiose receptions and the most important corporate seminars thanks to its 400 sq.m. floor area, to which can be added the 400 sq.m. “winter garden”, a luminous reception room on the same level.
This space can be adapted to your needs: a 400 sq.m. reception room or a unique 800 sq.m.² space open onto the terrace and gardens of the Pré Catelan.
This area can also be combined with the adjoining Salon Empire.

Salon Empire


This historically charming reception room is majestic, with its mahogany woodwork, bas-reliefs, Caran d’Ache friezes and a chandelier with pendants With a surface area of 118 sq.m., it hosts dinners and corporate meetings as well as private events in a luminous space with beautiful volumes. Its glass doors allow your guests to take a break in the Pré Catelan park and fully enjoy the greenery. This reception room opens onto the Salon Les Honneurs and can therefore be converted into a reception room with a private entrance for larger events.

Salon Louis XVI


This 110 sq.m. reception room offers generous volumes with a nice high ceiling. With its moldings, large chandelier with pendants, mirrors with cabochons and marble fireplace, you will succumb to its classic charm, combined with excellent luminosity with large windows overlooking the enchanting park. It also has access to a 40 sq.m. terrace. It connects with the Salon Caravelle and can therefore be used in combination with it when your event requires more space.

Salon Trianon


The Salon Trianon has a double exposure with a view of the park on one side and a view of the farm on the other. With its removable dance floor, this 205 sq.m. reception room is suitable for all types of events and is very flexible and functional. Located on the 1st floor, it opens onto a magnificent 50 sq.m. terrace overlooking the Pré Catelan park. Equipped with huge windows on both sides, it is bathed in light at any time of day. It connects with the Salon Versailles with which it can be used when your event requires more space.

Salon Versailles


Renovated in a resolutely contemporary spirit with wall hangings and pleated shades, the Salon Versailles has retained its beautiful volumes and a charming, intimate terrace overlooking the park, accessible through large French doors that let in plenty of daylight.
The Salon Versailles connects with the Salon Trianon making it an ideal combination with the latter when your event requires more space.

Salon Catelan


Light and bright, with a view of the Pré Catelan farm, the Salon Catelan, located on the second floor, is very popular thanks to its ideal size, which allows for private lunches and dinners as well as business events. Easily adapted to all configurations of theater, classroom, U or round tables, it is sought after by the organizers of corporate seminars and business meetings.

Salon Lenôtre


A 60 sq.m. reception room in a rotunda, illuminated by a large skylight, its wide openings plunge us in the greenery of the garden. Located on the second floor, guests have access to the magnificent terrace overlooking the park. Decorated in ecru colors, the Salon Lenôtre lends itself equally to your business lunches and private dinners.

Salon Marie-Antoinette


With the Wedgwood-style decor of Marie-Antoinette’s boudoir, whose name it bears so well, its mirrored hidden doors reflecting the surrounding nature and its large rounded windows, the Salon Marie-Antoinette is a 32 sq.m. oval-shaped setting with a classic charm par excellence. Popular with individuals, it is also ideal for executive committees and confidential seminars.

Salon Caravelle


A very bright reception room with large windows overlooking the Anglo-Norman outbuildings on the “Pré Catelan model farm”.
With an area of 32 sq.m. and a decor in beige harmonies, its location makes it the ideal reception room for meeting in privacy, in a green space and in serenity.

Salon Eugénie


The Salon Eugénie is ideal for business meetings and confidential dinners. Practical and comfortable, the historical character of the place is still very present, as evidenced by the chandelier with pendants and a beautiful rounded mirrored door. It opens directly onto the large terrace overlooking the park, for your breaks and aperitifs. It can also be used as a sub-committee room, like the Médicis and Roqueplan reception rooms.

Salon Roqueplan


The Salon Roqueplan is ideal for very small meetings and confidential lunches or dinners, around a round table. Recently renovated, it is very practical and comfortable. It opens directly onto the large terrace overlooking the park, for your breaks and aperitifs. It can also be used as a sub-committee room, like the Médicis and Eugénie reception rooms.

Salon Médicis


The Salon Médicis is ideal for business meetings of 2 to 10 people or for intimate dinners. Both classic with its moldings and bas-reliefs and contemporary with its decoration, it is very practical and functional. It opens directly onto the large terrace overlooking the park, for your breaks and aperitifs. It can also be used as a sub-committee room, like the Roqueplan and Eugénie reception rooms.